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A three dimensional vector unit whose elements are stored as floats.


Constructor Description
cVector3f(float, float, float) Creates a cVector3f with the given element data.


Field Name Type Description
x float The x value of the vector.
y float The y value of the vector.
z float The z value of the vector.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
float GetElement uint64 alIdx Gets the value at the given index. (Indices 0, 1, and 2 are equal to x, y, and z, respectively.)
float Length Returns the length of this vector.
float Normalize Returns the normalization factor for this vector. (See Remarks.)
void SetElement uint64 alIdx,
float afValue
Sets the value at the given index to the given value. (Indices 0, 1, and 2 are equal to x, y, and z, respectively.)
float SqrLength Returns the length-squared of this vector.


A normalized vector is a vector whose length is equal to one, otherwise known as a unit vector. To convert a vector into a unit vector, get the normalization factor by calling the Normalize function, then divide each of the vector's x, y, and z coordinates by that factor.

cVector3f vBaseVector(2.0, 5.0, 3.0);
float fNormFactor = vBaseVector.Normalize();
cVector3f vNormalizedVector(vBaseVector.x / fNormFactor, 
                            vBaseVector.y / fNormFactor, 
                            vBaseVector.z / fNormFactor);


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