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cCamera has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void AddPitch float afAngle
void AddRoll float afAngle
void AddYaw float afAngle
void AttachEntity iEntity3D@ aEntity
void ClearAttachedEntities
float GetAspect
cNode3D@ GetAttachmentNode
cFrustum@+ GetExtendedFrustum
float GetExtendedPitch
float GetExtendedYaw
float GetExtenededRoll
float GetFarClipPlane
cVector3f GetForward
float GetFOV
cFrustum@+ GetFrustum
bool GetInifintiveFarPlane
const cMatrixf& GetMatrix
const cMatrixf& GetMoveMatrix
eCameraMoveMode GetMoveMode
float GetNearClipPlane
const cVector2f& GetOrthoViewSize
float GetPitch
float GetPitchMaxLimit
float GetPitchMinLimit
const cVector3f& GetPosition
const cMatrixf& GetProjectionMatrix
eProjectionType GetProjectionType
cVector3f GetRight
float GetRoll
eCameraRotateMode GetRotateMode
const cMatrixf& GetRotationMatrix
cVector3f GetUp
const cVector3f& GetVelocity
const cMatrixf& GetViewMatrix
float GetYaw
float GetYawMaxLimit
float GetYawMinLimit
void MoveForward float afDist
void MoveRight float afDist
void MoveUp float afDist
void RemoveEntity iEntity3D@ aEntity
void ResetRotation
void SetAspect float afSpect
void SetExtendedPitch float afAngle
void SetExtendedRoll float afAngle
void SetExtendedYaw float afAngle
void SetFarClipPlane float afX
void SetForward const cVector3f &in avX
void SetFOV float afAngle
void SetInifintiveFarPlane bool abX
void SetMoveMode eCameraMoveMode aMode
void SetNearClipPlane float afX
void SetOrthoViewSize const cVector2f& avSize
void SetPitch float afAngle
void SetPitchLimits float afMin,
float afMax
void SetPosition const cVector3f &in avPos
void SetProjectionType eProjectionType aType
void SetRight const cVector3f &in avX
void SetRoll float afAngle
void SetRotateMode eCameraRotateMode aMode
void SetRotationMatrix const cMatrixf &in a_mtxRot
void SetUp const cVector3f &in avX
void SetVelocity const cVector3f &in avVel
void SetYaw float afAngle
void SetYawLimits float afMin,
float afMax
void UnProject cVector3f& avPosition,
cVector3f& apDirection,
const cVector2f &in avScreenPos,
const cVector2f &in avVirtualScreenSize


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