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cLuxCharMover has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void AddSpeedState int alId
float CalculateSpeedMul float afTimeStep
iCharacterBody@ GetCharBody
iLuxEntity@ GetEntity
bool GetIdleExtraAnimActive
float GetMaxStuckCounter
float GetMoveSpeed
float GetStuckCounter
eLuxEntityComponentType GetType
bool GetUseMoveStateAnimations
float GetWantedSpeedAmount
void LoadFromVariables cResourceVarsObject@ apVars
void MoveToPos const cVector3f &in avFeetPos,
bool abSlowDownAndStopAtGoal = false
int PlayAnimation const tString &in asName,
float afFadeTime = 0.3f,
bool abLoop = false,
bool abPlayTransition = true,
const tString &in asCallback = ""
int PlayTrackAnimation cLuxTrackNode@ apNode
void ResetStuckCounter
void SetBackwardAnimName const tString &in asName
void SetBankingActive bool abX
void SetBankingAngleMul float afX
void SetBankingMaxAngle float afX
void SetBankingMaxSpeed float afX
void SetBankingSpeedMul float afX
void SetDirection eLuxCharMoveDirection aDir
void SetDynamicObjectAvoidanceActive bool abX
void SetIdleAnimName const tString &in asName
void SetIdleExtraAnimActive bool abX
void SetIdleExtraAnimName const tString &in asName
void SetMaxBackwardSpeed float afX
void SetMaxForwardSpeed float afX
void SetMoveSpeedAnimMul float afX
void SetRunAnimName const tString &in asName
void SetRunToWalkSpeed float afX
void SetSpeedState int alId
void SetSpeedState_Backward float afX
void SetSpeedState_Forward float afX
void SetSpeedState_ForwardAcc float afX
void SetSpeedState_ForwardDeacc float afX
void SetSpeedState_SidewayAcc float afX
void SetSpeedState_SidewayDeacc float afX
void SetSpeedState_Sideways float afX
void SetSpeedState_TurnBreakMul float afX
void SetSpeedState_TurnMaxSpeed float afX
void SetSpeedState_TurnSpeedMul float afX
void SetStoppedToWalkSpeed float afX
void SetTurnBreakMul float afX
void SetTurnedToGoalCallbackFunc const tString& asFunc
void SetTurnMaxSpeed float afX
void SetTurnMinBreakAngle float afX
void SetTurnSpeedMul float afX
void SetTurnStoppedToWalkSpeed float afX
void SetTurnWalkToStoppedSpeed float afX
void SetupDynamicObjectAvoidance float afMaxDistance,
float afMinMass,
float afSteerAmount
void SetupIdleExtra const tString &in asAnimName,
float afMinWait,
float afMaxWait,
bool abPauseProceduralAnims
void SetupWallAvoidance float afRadius,
float afSteerAmount,
int alSamples
void SetUse3DMovement bool abX
void SetUseMoveStateAnimations bool abX
void SetVerticalMoveSpeedExtraAnimMul float afX
void SetWalkAnimName const tString &in asName
void SetWalkToRunSpeed float afX
void SetWalkToStoppedSpeed float afX
void SetWallAvoidanceActive bool abX
void StopTurning
void TurnInstantlyToAngle float afAngle
void TurnInstantlyToAngle float afYaw,
float afPitch
void TurnInstantlyToPos const cVector3f &in avGoalPos
void TurnToAngle float afAngle
void TurnToAngles float afYaw,
float afPitch
void TurnToPos const cVector3f &in avFeetPos


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