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Field Name Type Description
mbUseBackgroundGfx bool
mbUseDisabledColor bool
mbUseHeader bool
mColorBase cColor
mColorDisabled cColor
mColorText cColor
mfCaptionSizeMul float
mfLabelMinWidth float
mfLabelPaddingBottom float
mfLabelPaddingLeft float
mfLabelPaddingRight float
mfLabelPaddingTop float
mFont cImGuiFont
mFontAlign eFontAlign
mfPaddingBottom float
mfPaddingLeft float
mfPaddingRight float
mfPaddingTop float
mGfxBackground cImGuiGfx
mGfxLabelData cImGuiFrameGfx
mGfxWindowData cImGuiFrameGfx
mHeaderType eImGuiWindowHeader
mvDefaultSize cVector2f
mvLabelOffset cVector3f


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void SetLabelPadding float afTop,
float afRight,
float afBottom,
float afLeft
void SetPadding float afTop,
float afRight,
float afBottom,
float afLeft


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