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iPhysicsBody has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void AddChild iEntity3D@ apEntity
void AddForce const cVector3f& avForce
void AddForceAtPosition const cVector3f& avForce,
const cVector3f& avPos
void AddImpulse const cVector3f& avImpulse
void AddImpulseAtPosition const cVector3f& avImpulse,
const cVector3f& avPos
void AddTorque const cVector3f& avTorque
void Enable
void Freeze
float GetAngularDamping
cVector3f GetAngularVelocity
bool GetAutoDisable
float GetAutoDisableAngularThreshold
float GetAutoDisableLinearThreshold
int GetAutoDisableNumSteps
bool GetBlocksLight
bool GetBlocksSound
cBoundingVolume@+ GetBoundingVolume
bool GetBuoyancyActive
float GetBuoyancyAngularViscosity
float GetBuoyancyDensity
float GetBuoyancyDensityMul
float GetBuoyancyLinearViscosity
cPlanef GetBuoyancySurface
iCharacterBody@ GetCharacterBody
cEntity3DIterator@ GetChildIterator
bool GetCollide
bool GetCollideCharacter
uint GetCollideFlags
bool GetCollideRagDoll
bool GetContinuousCollision
bool GetEnabled
iEntity3D@ GetEntityParent
eEntityType GetEntityType
bool GetFrozen
bool GetGravity
bool GetGravityAttachmentRotation
bool GetGravityAttachmentVelocity
eVelocityAxes GetGravityAttachmentVelocityAxes
bool GetGravityCanAttachCharacter
cMatrixf GetInertiaMatrix
cVector3f GetInertiaVector
bool GetIsUnderwater
iPhysicsJoint@ GetJoint int alIndex
int GetJointNum
float GetLinearDamping
cVector3f GetLinearVelocity
cMatrixf& GetLocalMatrix
cVector3f GetLocalPosition
float GetMass
cVector3f GetMassCenter
float GetMassMulApplied
iPhysicsMaterial@ GetMaterial
float GetMaxAngularSpeed
float GetMaxLinearSpeed
const tString& GetName
bool GetNoGravityWhenUnderwater
bool GetPushedByCharacterGravity
int GetPushStrength
bool GetScriptableIsSaved
iCollideShape@ GetShape
cVector3f GetTorqueFromForceAtPosition const cVector3f &in avForce,
const cVector3f &in avPos
int GetTransformUpdateCount
int GetUniqueID
bool GetUseSurfaceEffects
cVector3f GetVelocityAtPosition const cVector3f &in avPos
cMatrixf& GetWorldMatrix
cVector3f GetWorldPosition
bool HasParent
bool IsActive
bool IsCharacter
bool IsChild iEntity3D@ apEntity
bool IsRagDoll
bool IsVolatile
void RemoveChild iEntity3D@ apEntity
void RemoveJoint iPhysicsJoint@ apJoint
void RenderDebugGeometry iLowLevelGraphics@ apLowLevel,
const cColor& aColor
void SetActive bool abActive
void SetAngularDamping float afDamping
void SetAngularVelocity const cVector3f& avVel
void SetAutoDisable bool abEnabled
void SetAutoDisableAngularThreshold float afThresold
void SetAutoDisableLinearThreshold float afThresold
void SetAutoDisableNumSteps int alNum
void SetBlocksLight bool abX
void SetBlocksSound bool abX
void SetBuoyancyActive bool abX
void SetBuoyancyAngularViscosity float afX
void SetBuoyancyDensity float afX
void SetBuoyancyDensityMul float afX
void SetBuoyancyLinearViscosity float afX
void SetBuoyancySurface const cPlanef& aP
void SetCollide bool abX
void SetCollideCharacter bool abX
void SetCollideFlags uint alX
void SetCollideRagDoll bool abX
void SetContinuousCollision bool abOn
void SetGravity bool abEnabled
void SetGravityAttachmentRotation bool abX
void SetGravityAttachmentVelocity bool abX
void SetGravityAttachmentVelocityAxes eVelocityAxes aAxes
void SetGravityCanAttachCharacter bool abX
void SetIsUnderwater bool abX
void SetLinearDamping float afDamping
void SetLinearVelocity const cVector3f& avVel
void SetMass float afMass
void SetMassCenter const cVector3f &in avCentre
void SetMassMulApplied float afMul
void SetMatrix const cMatrixf &in a_mtxTransform
void SetMaxAngularSpeed float afDamping
void SetMaxLinearSpeed float afSpeed
void SetName const tString &in asName
void SetNoGravityWhenUnderwater bool abX
void SetPosition const cVector3f &in avPos
void SetPushedByCharacterGravity bool abX
void SetPushStrength int alX
void SetScriptableIsSaved bool abX
void SetUseSurfaceEffects bool abX
void SetVolatile bool abX
void SetWorldMatrix const cMatrixf &in a_mtxWorldTransform
void SetWorldPosition const cVector3f &in avWorldPos
void StaticAngularMove const cVector3f &in avVelocity
void StaticLinearMove const cVector3f &in avVelocity
void UpdateLogic float afTimeStep


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