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iPhysicsJointHinge has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void Break
bool GetAllowPositionReset
float GetAngle
cVector3f GetAngularVelocity
iPhysicsBody@ GetChildBody
bool GetCollideBodies
float GetDistance
float GetForceSize
bool GetLimitAutoSleep
float GetMaxAngle
float GetMinAngle
const tString& GetName
iPhysicsBody@ GetParentBody
const cVector3f& GetPinDir
const cVector3f& GetPivotPoint
bool GetStickyMaxLimit
bool GetStickyMinLimit
float GetStiffness
ePhysicsJointType GetType
int GetUniqueID
cVector3f GetVelocity
bool IsBreakable
bool IsBroken
void RemoveBody iPhysicsBody@ apBody
void SetAllowPositionReset bool abX
void SetBreakable bool abX
void SetCollideBodies bool abX
void SetLimitAutoSleep bool abX
void SetMaxAngle float afAngle
void SetMaxLimitSound const tString &in asSound,
float afMinSpeed
void SetMinAngle float afAngle
void SetMinLimitSound const tString &in asSound,
float afMinSpeed
void SetMinMoveSpeed float afX
void SetMoveSound tString &in asName
void SetMoveSpeedType ePhysicsJointSpeed aType
void SetStickyMaxLimit bool abX
void SetStickyMinLimit bool abX
void SetStiffness float afX


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