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cFrustum has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
bool CheckAABBNearPlaneIntersection const cVector3f& avMin,
const cVector3f& avMax
bool CheckBVNearPlaneIntersection cBoundingVolume@+ aBV
bool CheckFrustumNearPlaneIntersection cFrustum@+ aFrustum
bool CheckLineIntersection const cVector3f &in avStart,
const cVector3f& avEnd,
cVector3f& avIntersection
bool CheckPyramidNearPlaneIntersection cFrustum@+ aFrustum
bool CheckSphereNearPlaneIntersection const cVector3f& avCenter,
float afRadius
eCollision CollideAABB const cVector3f &in avMin,
const cVector3f &in avMax,
int alMaxPlanes
eCollision CollideBoundingVolume cBoundingVolume@+ apBV
eCollision CollideFrustum cFrustum@+ apFrustum
eCollision CollideFustrumSphere const cVector3f &in avCenter,
float afRadius
bool CollidePoint const cVector3f &in avPoint
eCollision CollideSphere const cVector3f &in avCenter,
float afRadius,
int alMaxPlanes
float GetAspect
const cBoundingVolume@+ GetBoundingVolume
float GetFarPlane
cVector3f GetForward
float GetFOV
bool GetInfFarPlane
bool GetInvertsCullMode
float GetNearPlane
const cVector3f& GetOrigin
cBoundingVolume@+ GetOriginBV
const cVector2f& GetOrthoViewSize
const cPlanef& GetPlane eFrustumPlane aType
const cMatrixf& GetProjectionMatrix
eProjectionType GetProjectionType
const cVector3f& GetVertex int alIdx
const cMatrixf& GetViewMatrix
void SetInvertsCullMode bool abX
void SetupOrthoProj const cMatrixf &in a_mtxProj,
const cMatrixf &in a_mtxView,
float afFarPlane,
float afNearPlane,
const cVector2f& avViewSize,
const cVector3f& avOrigin
void SetupPerspectiveProj const cMatrixf &in a_mtxProj,
const cMatrixf &in a_mtxView,
float afFarPlane,
float afNearPlane,
float afFOV,
float afAspect,
const cVector3f& avOrigin


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