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cNode3D has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void AddChild cNode3D@ apChild
bool AddEntity iEntity3D@ apEntity
void AddRotation const cVector3f &in avRot,
eEulerRotationOrder aOrder
void AddRotation const cQuaternion &in aqRotation,
bool abNormalize = true
void AddScale const cVector3f &in avScale
void AddTranslation const cVector3f &in avTrans
void ApplyPostAnimTransform bool abSetChildrenUpdated
void ApplyPreAnimTransform bool abSetChildrenUpdated
void ClearEntities
cNode3D@ CreateChild const tString& asName,
bool abAutoDeleteChildren = true
cNode3DIterator@ GetChildIterator
int GetCustomFlags
const cMatrixf& GetLocalMatrix
cVector3f GetLocalPosition
const tString& GetName
cNode3D@ GetParent
const cMatrixf& GetPostAnimTransform
const cMatrixf& GetPreAnimTransform
bool GetUsePostAnimTransform
bool GetUsePreAnimTransform
const cMatrixf& GetWorldMatrix
cVector3f GetWorldPosition
bool IsActive
void NormalizeRotation
void RemoveChild cNode3D@ apNode
bool RemoveEntity iEntity3D@ apEntity
void SetActive bool abX
void SetCustomFlags int alX
void SetMatrix const cMatrixf &in a_mtxTransform,
bool abSetChildrenUpdated = true
void SetParent cNode3D@ apNode
void SetPosition const cVector3f &in avPos
void SetPostTransform const cMatrixf &in a_mtxTransform
void SetPreTransform const cMatrixf &in a_mtxTransform
void SetUsePostTransform bool abX
void SetUsePreTransform bool abX
int SetVisible bool abX,
bool abCascade
void SetWorldMatrix const cMatrixf &in a_mtxWorldTransform
void SetWorldPosition const cVector3f &in avWorldPos
void UpdateEntityChildren
void UpdateMatrix bool abSetChildrenUpdated


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