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cWidgetCheckBox has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
cGuiGlobalShortcut@ AddShortcut int alKeyModifiers,
eKey aKey,
eGuiMessage aMsg = eGuiMessage_ButtonPressed,
const cGuiMessageData &in aData = cGuiMessageData,
bool abBypassVisibility = true,
bool abBypassEnabled = true
void AttachChild iWidget@ apChild
void CenterGlobalPositionInSet
bool ClipsGraphics
bool GetCallbacksDisabled
const cVector3f& GetChildrenOffset
bool GetClipActive
const cColor& GetColorMul
const cColor& GetDefaultFontColor
const cVector2f& GetDefaultFontSize
iFontData@ GetDefaultFontType
iWidget@ GetFocusNavigation eUIArrow aDir
const cVector3f& GetGlobalPosition
const cVector3f& GetLocalPosition
bool GetMouseIsOver
const tString& GetName
iWidget@ GetParent
cGuiGfxElement@ GetPointerGfx
const cVector3f& GetScrollAmount
cGuiSet@ GetSet
const cVector2f& GetSize
const tWString& GetText
const tWString& GetToolTip
iWidget@ GetToolTipWidget
eWidgetType GetType
int GetUserValue
bool HasFocus
bool HasFocusNavigation
void Init
bool IsChecked
bool IsConnectedTo iWidget@ apWidget,
bool abIsStartWidget = true
bool IsConnectedToChildren
bool IsEnabled
bool IsGlobalKeyPressListener
bool IsGlobalUIInputListener
bool IsRightUnderMouse
bool IsVisible
bool PointIsInside const cVector2f &in avPoint,
bool abOnlyClipped
bool ProcessMessage eGuiMessage aMessage,
const cGuiMessageData &in aData,
bool abSkipVisCheck = false,
bool abSkipEnabledCheck = false
void RemoveChild iWidget@ apChild
void SetAffectedByScroll bool abX
void SetCallbacksDisabled bool abX
void SetChecked bool abX,
bool abGenCallback = true
void SetChildrenOffset const cVector3f &in
void SetClipActive bool abX
void SetColorMul const cColor &in aColor
void SetConnectedToChildren bool abX
void SetDefaultFontColor const cColor &in aColor
void SetDefaultFontSize const cVector2f &in avSize
void SetDefaultFontType iFontData@ apFont
void SetEnabled bool abX
void SetFocusNavigation eUIArrow aDir,
iWidget@ apWidget
void SetGlobalKeyPressListener bool abX
void SetGlobalPosition const cVector3f &in avPos
void SetGlobalUIInputListener bool abX
void SetName const tString &in asName
void SetPosition const cVector3f &in avPos
void SetScrollAmount const cVector3f &in avX
void SetSize const cVector2f &in avSize
void SetText const tWString &in asText
void SetToolTip const tWString &in asToolTip
void SetToolTipEnabled bool abX
void SetUserValue int alX
void SetVisible bool abX
void Update float afTimeStep


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