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cViewport has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void AddGuiSet cGuiSet@ apSet
void AddRendererCallback iRendererCallback@ apCallback
void AddViewportCallback iViewportCallback@ apCallback
cCamera@ GetCamera
iFrameBuffer@ GetFrameBuffer
const cVector2l& GetPosition
cPostEffectComposite@ GetPostEffectComposite
iRenderer@ GetRenderer
cRenderSettings@ GetRenderSettings
const cVector2l& GetSize
cPostEffect_ToneMapping@ GetToneMappingEffect
cWorld@ GetWorld
bool IsActive
bool IsListener
bool IsVisible
void RemoveGuiSet cGuiSet@ apSet
void RemoveRendererCallback iRendererCallback@ apCallback
void RemoveViewportCallback iViewportCallback@ apCallback
void SetActive bool abX
void SetCamera cCamera@ apCamera
void SetFrameBuffer iFrameBuffer@ apFrameBuffer
void SetIsListener bool abX
void SetPosition const cVector2l &in avPos
void SetPostEffectComposite cPostEffectComposite@ apPostEffectComposite
void SetRenderer iRenderer@ apRenderer
void SetSize const cVector2l &in avSize
void SetVisible bool abX
void SetWorld cWorld@ apWorld,
bool abResetEffects = false


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