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cRendererCallbackFunctions has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void ClearFrameBuffer uint aFlags,
bool abUsePosAndSize
void DrawCurrent eVertexBufferDrawType aDrawType = eVertexBufferDrawType_LastEnum,
int alStart = 0,
int alCount = -1
void DrawQuad const cVector3f &in aPos,
const cVector2f &in avSize,
const cVector2f &in avMinUV = 0,
const cVector2f &in avMaxUV = 1,
bool abInvertY = false,
const cColor &in aColor = cColor
void DrawWireFrame iVertexBuffer@ apVtxBuffer,
const cColor& aColor,
int alStart = 0,
int alCount = -1
iLowLevelGraphics@ GetLowLevelGfx
bool SetBlendMode eMaterialBlendMode aMode
bool SetChannelMode eMaterialChannelMode aMode
bool SetCullActive bool abX
bool SetCullMode eCullMode aMode
bool SetDepthTest bool abX
bool SetDepthTestFunc eDepthTestFunc aFunc
bool SetDepthWrite bool abX
void SetFlatProjection const cVector2f& avSize = 1,
float afMin = -100,
float afMax = 100
void SetFlatProjectionMinMax const cVector3f& avMin,
const cVector3f& avMax
void SetFrameBuffer iFrameBuffer@ apFrameBuffer,
bool abUsePosAndSize = false
void SetMatrix const cMatrixf &in apMatrix
void SetModelViewMatrix const cMatrixf &in a_mtxModelView
void SetNormalFrustumProjection
bool SetProgram iGpuProgram@ apProgram
bool SetScissorActive bool abX
bool SetScissorRect const cVector2l &in avPos,
const cVector2l &in avSize,
bool abAutoEnabling
bool SetScissorRect const cRect2l &in aClipRect,
bool abAutoEnabling
bool SetStencilActive bool abX
void SetTexture int alUnit,
iTexture@ apTexture
void SetTextureRange iTexture@ apTexture,
int alFirstUnit,
int alLastUnit = kMaxTextureUnits-1
void SetVertexBuffer iVertexBuffer@ apVtxBuffer


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