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Field Name Type Description
mbUseBackgroundGfx bool
mbUseBaseInFocusGfx bool
mbUseButtonGfx bool
mbUseButtonInFocusGfx bool
mbUseButtonTriggeredGfx bool
mbUseDisabledColor bool
mColorBase cColor
mColorDisabled cColor
mColorText cColor
mfDefaultStepSize float
mFont cImGuiFont
mFontAlign eFontAlign
mfRepeatDelay float
mGfxBackground cImGuiGfx
mGfxBaseInFocus cImGuiGfx
mGfxButton cImGuiGfx
mGfxButtonInFocus cImGuiGfx
mGfxButtonTriggered cImGuiGfx
mvButtonSize cVector2f
mvDefaultSize cVector2f


cImGuiSliderData has no public functions


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