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iLowLevelGraphics has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void DrawBoxMinMax const cVector3f &in avMin,
const cVector3f &in avMax,
const cColor &in aCol
void DrawLine const cVector3f &in avBegin,
const cVector3f &in avEnd,
const cColor &in aCol
void DrawLineQuad const cVector3f& avPos,
const cVector2f& avSize,
const cColor &in aCol
void DrawSphere const cVector3f &in avPos,
float afRadius,
const cColor &in aCol,
int alSegments = 32
tString GetGraphicsInfo
int GetNumDisplays
cVector2f GetScreenSizeFloat
const cVector2l& GetScreenSizeInt
cVector2l GetWindowPosition
void SetBrightness float afX
void SetDisplayMode eDisplayMode aMode
void SetVsyncMode eVSyncMode aMode


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