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cLightBox has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void AddChild iEntity3D@ apEntity
void AttachBillboard cBillboard@ apBillboard,
const cColor& aBaseColor,
float afBaseBrightness
void AttachParticleSystem cParticleSystem@ apPS
bool CollidesWithBV cBoundingVolume@+ apBV
bool CollidesWithFrustum cFrustum@ apFrustum
void FadeIrradianceSet const tString &in asSetName,
float afTime
void FadeTo const cColor &in aCol,
float afRadius,
float afTime
const cColor& GetAmbientColorGround
const cColor& GetAmbientColorSky
float GetBevel
eLightBoxBlendFunc GetBlendFunc
cBoundingVolume@+ GetBoundingVolume
float GetBrightness
bool GetCastShadows
bool GetCastTerrainShadow
cEntity3DIterator@ GetChildIterator
float GetCoverageAmount
const cColor& GetDefaultDiffuseColor
const cColor& GetDestColor
float GetDestRadius
const cColor& GetDiffuseColor
iEntity3D@ GetEntityParent
eEntityType GetEntityType
float GetFalloffPow
bool GetFlickerActive
bool GetFlickerFade
const cColor& GetFlickerOffColor
float GetFlickerOffFadeMaxLength
float GetFlickerOffFadeMinLength
float GetFlickerOffMaxLength
float GetFlickerOffMinLength
const tString& GetFlickerOffPS
float GetFlickerOffRadius
const tString& GetFlickerOffSound
const cColor& GetFlickerOnColor
float GetFlickerOnFadeMaxLength
float GetFlickerOnFadeMinLength
float GetFlickerOnMaxLength
float GetFlickerOnMinLength
const tString& GetFlickerOnPS
float GetFlickerOnRadius
const tString& GetFlickerOnSound
float GetGoboAnimFrameTime
eTextureAnimMode GetGoboAnimMode
float GetGoboAnimStartTime
int GetGoboNextFrame
iTexture@ GetGoboTexture
const cColor& GetIlluminationColor
eLightType GetLightType
float GetLiquidAmount
cMatrixf& GetLocalMatrix
cVector3f GetLocalPosition
cLightMaskBox@ GetMask
cMaterial@ GetMaterial
int GetMatrixUpdateCount
const tString& GetName
bool GetOcclusionCullShadowCasters
const cVector3f& GetProbeOffset
float GetRadius
cBoundingVolume@+ GetRenderBV
bool GetRenderFlagBit int alFlagBit
int GetRenderFlags
int GetRenderFrameCount
const tString& GetRenderName
eRenderableType GetRenderType
bool GetScriptableIsSaved
int GetShadowCastersAffected
float GetShadowMapBiasMul
float GetShadowMapBlurAmount
eShadowMapResolution GetShadowMapResolution
float GetShadowMapSlopeScaleBiasMul
const cVector3f& GetSize
float GetSourceRadius
const cColor& GetSpecularColor
int GetTransformUpdateCount
float GetTranslucency
int GetUniqueID
bool GetUseSphericalHarmonics
iVertexBuffer@ GetVertexBuffer
bool GetVisibleVar
float GetWeight
cVector3f GetWorldCenterPosition
cMatrixf& GetWorldMatrix
cVector3f GetWorldPosition
bool HasParent
bool IsActive
bool IsChild iEntity3D@ apEntity
bool IsFading
bool IsOccluder
bool IsStatic
bool IsVisible
void RemoveBillboard cBillboard@ apBillboard
void RemoveChild iEntity3D@ apEntity
void RemoveParticleSystem cParticleSystem@ apPS
void SetActive bool abActive
void SetAmbientColorGround const cColor& aColor
void SetAmbientColorSky const cColor& aColor
void SetBevel float afX
void SetBlendFunc eLightBoxBlendFunc aFunc
void SetBrightness float afX
void SetCastShadows bool afX
void SetCastTerrainShadow bool abX
void SetCoverageAmount float afX
void SetDefaultDiffuseColor const cColor &in aColor
void SetDiffuseColor const cColor &in aColor
void SetFalloffPow float afX
void SetFlicker const cColor &in aOffCol,
float afOffRadius,
float afOnMinLength,
float afOnMaxLength,
const tString& asOnSound,
const tString& asOnPS,
float afOffMinLength,
float afOffMaxLength,
const tString& asOffSound,
const tString& asOffPS,
bool abFade,
float afOnFadeMinLength,
float afOnFadeMaxLength,
float afOffFadeMinLength,
float afOffFadeMaxLength
void SetFlickerActive bool abX
void SetGoboAnimFrameTime float afX
void SetGoboAnimMode eTextureAnimMode aMode
void SetGoboAnimStartTime float afX
void SetGoboTexture iTexture@ apTexture
void SetIlluminationColor const cColor &in aColor
void SetLiquidAmount float afX
void SetMask cLightMaskBox@ apMask
void SetMatrix const cMatrixf &in a_mtxTransform
void SetName const tString &in asName
void SetOcclusionCullShadowCasters bool abX
void SetPosition const cVector3f &in avPos
void SetProbeOffset const cVector3f &in avPosition
void SetRadius float afX
void SetRenderFlagBit int alFlagBit,
bool abSet
void SetRenderFrameCount int alCount
void SetScriptableIsSaved bool abX
void SetShadowCastersAffected int alX
void SetShadowMapBiasMul float afX
void SetShadowMapBlurAmount float afX
void SetShadowMapResolution eShadowMapResolution aQuality
void SetShadowMapSlopeScaleBiasMul float afX
void SetSize const cVector3f &in avSize
void SetSourceRadius float afX
void SetSpecularColor cColor aColor
void SetTranslucency float afX
void SetUseSphericalHarmonics bool abX
void SetVisible bool abVisible
void SetWeight float afX
void SetWorldMatrix const cMatrixf &in a_mtxWorldTransform
void SetWorldPosition const cVector3f &in avWorldPos
void StopFading
void UpdateLogic float afTimeStep
void UseAutomaticLiquidAmount float afTime = 0


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