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Area EditMode

Areas, in a nutshell, are bounding boxes that can have all sorts of user definitions on them. For example, they can be used to do triggers on maps, player start positions, and so on.

The creation window consists only of an input to select the Area Type that the created area should have. NOTE: listed Area Types are supposed to be user defined, so they will be game specific. For more information on them for a specific game, please refer to that game's own section.

To create an area, you should proceed as follows:

    1. Pick the desired Area Type in the creation window.
    2. Two ways of creating:
      1. By just clicking and releasing, which will create a default sized box (default can be set by user type)
      2. By clicking, holding while dragging, and releasing to set the base of the box, and then dragging and clicking again to set the height (note that the area type can be configured to forbid this type of creation)

More on areas here.