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cTerrain has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
float GetChangePatchLevelDist
int GetGeometryGridNum
int GetGeometryPatchSize
int GetHeightMapSize
float GetMaterialSpecularPower
float GetMaxHeight
void GetStartAndSizeInTextureGrid const cVector2f &in avStart,
const cVector2f &in avSize,
cVector2l &out avGridStart,
cVector2l &out avGridSize
int GetTextureGridNum
int GetTexturePatchSize
float GetUnitSize
bool GetWorldPosHeightAndNormal const cVector3f &in avPosition,
float& afHeight,
cVector3f& avNormal
void SetChangePatchLevelDist float afX
void SetCheapMaterial const tString &in asCheapMaterial,
float afCheapMaterialMul
void SetGeometryPatchSize int alX
void SetMaxHeight float afX
void SetTexturePatchSize int alX
void SetUnitSize float afX


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