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cAction has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void AddGamepadAxis int alPadIndex,
eGamepadAxis aAxis,
eGamepadAxisRange aRange,
float afMinThreshold,
float afMaxThreshold
void AddGamepadButton int alPadIndex,
eGamepadButton aButton
void AddGamepadHat int alPadIndex,
eGamepadHat aHat,
eGamepadHatState aHatState
void AddKey eKey aKey
void AddMouseButton eMouseButton aButton
void AddSubAction iSubAction@ apSubAction
bool BecameTriggered
void ClearSubActions
bool DoubleTriggered float afLimit
int GetId
const tString& GetName
iSubAction@ GetSubAction int alIdx
int GetSubActionNum
bool IsTriggered
void ResetToCurrentState
bool WasTriggered


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