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iScrPlayer_Interface has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void CharBody_GravityCollide iCharacterBody@ apCharBody,
iPhysicsBody@ apBody,
cCollideData@ apCollideData
void CharBody_HitGround iCharacterBody@ apCharBody,
const cVector3f& avVel
void CreateWorldEntities cLuxMap@ apMap
void DestroyWorldEntities cLuxMap@ apMap
float DrawDebugOutput cGuiSet@ apSet,
iFontData@ apFont,
float afStartY
cLuxPlayer@ GetBase
int GetCharacterState
void LoadUserConfig
void OnAction int alAction,
bool abPressed
void OnAnalogInput int alAnalogId,
const cVector3f& avAmount
void OnDraw float afFrameTime
void OnEnterContainer const tString &in asOldContainer
void OnExitPressed
void OnLeaveContainer const tString &in asNewContainer
void OnMapEnter cLuxMap@ apMap
void OnMapLeave cLuxMap@ apMap
void OnUnderwaterEffectActive bool abX,
bool abUseStartAndEndEffects
void PostUpdate float afTimeStep
void PreloadData cLuxMap@ apMap
void Reset
void SaveUserConfig
void SetCharacterState int alState
void SetupStartPos const cVector3f &in avPos,
float afAngle,
bool abCrouching
void Update float afTimeStep


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