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cSoundEntity has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void AddChild iEntity3D@ apEntity
void FadeIn float afSpeed
void FadeIn float afSpeed,
float afTargetVol
void FadeOut float afSpeed
void FadeSpeedMul float afDest,
float afSpeed
void FadeVolumeMul float afDest,
float afSpeed
void GetAverageSpectrum ,
int alNumValues = 64
cBoundingVolume@+ GetBoundingVolume
cEntity3DIterator@ GetChildIterator
int GetCreationID
float GetCustomMaxDistance
float GetCustomMinDistance
eSoundEntityDataType GetDataType
float GetElapsedTime
iEntity3D@ GetEntityParent
eEntityType GetEntityType
cMatrixf& GetLocalMatrix
cVector3f GetLocalPosition
float GetMaxDistance
float GetMinDistance
const tString& GetName
float GetParam int alIdx
float GetParam const tString &in asName
bool GetRemoveWhenOver
bool GetReverbActive
float GetReverbAmount
bool GetScriptableIsSaved
cSoundEntry@ GetSoundEntry bool abCheckEntryValidity
const tString& GetSoundFile
bool GetSoundFile3D
bool GetSoundFileBlockable
float GetSoundFileBlockMul
eSoundEntryType GetSoundFileEntryType
bool GetSoundFileLoop
int GetSoundFilePriority
bool GetSoundFileStream
int GetTransformUpdateCount
int GetUniqueID
bool GetUseCustomProperties
float GetVolume
cMatrixf& GetWorldMatrix
cVector3f GetWorldPosition
bool HasParent
bool IsActive
bool IsChild iEntity3D@ apEntity
bool IsFadingOut
bool IsOneShot
bool IsStopped
void Play
void RemoveChild iEntity3D@ apEntity
void SetActive bool abActive
void SetCustomMaxDistance float afX
void SetCustomMinDistance float afX
void SetElapsedTime float afX
void SetMatrix const cMatrixf &in a_mtxTransform
void SetName const tString &in asName
void SetParam int alIdx,
float afValue
void SetParam const tString &in asName,
float afValue
void SetParamHash int alHash,
float afValue
void SetPosition const cVector3f &in avPos
void SetReverbActive bool abX
void SetReverbAmount float afX
void SetScriptableIsSaved bool abX
void SetSoundFile3D bool abX
void SetSoundFileBlockable bool abX
void SetSoundFileBlockMul float afX
void SetSoundFileEntryType eSoundEntryType aType
void SetSoundFileLoop bool abX
void SetSoundFilePriority int alX
void SetSoundFileStream bool abX
void SetupSoundFile const tString &in asFile,
bool abLoop
void SetUseCustomProperties bool abX
void SetVolume float afX
void SetWorldMatrix const cMatrixf &in a_mtxWorldTransform
void SetWorldPosition const cVector3f &in avWorldPos
void Stop bool abPlayEndSound
void UpdateLogic float afTimeStep


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