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cAnimationState has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void AddTimePosition float afAdd
bool DataIsInMeshFile
void FadeIn float afTime
void FadeOut float afTime
cAnimation@ GetAnimation
float GetBaseSpeed
float GetFadeStep
float GetLength
const tString& GetName
float GetPreviousTimePosition
float GetRelativeTimePosition
float GetSpeed
float GetTimePosition
float GetWeight
bool IsActive
bool IsFading
bool IsLooping
bool IsOver
bool IsPaused
void SetActive bool abActive
void SetBaseSpeed float afSpeed
void SetFadeStep float afX
void SetLength float afLength
void SetLoop bool abLoop
void SetPaused bool abPaused
void SetRelativeTimePosition float afPosition
void SetSpeed float afSpeed
void SetTimePosition float afPosition
void SetWeight float afWeight
void Update float afTimeStep


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