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Before you begin, make sure that you update your drivers to the latest versions. Instability issues from outdated drivers or an outdated game version are the number one reported problem, but thankfully they're the easiest to solve. So get to updating!

Make sure that your game is up to date to the latest version, and you have the latest tools.

Main game issues

Are you having issues with just playing Amnesia? Go to the troubleshooting FAQ on the forums which details solutions to many common problems or search the Amnesia technical support forums. If you wish to get a more active support, ask the community on FG's Discord server.

Additionally you can go to Frictional Game's support page for further support.

Alt-tabbing makes the mouse stuck at top left corner

This is a known problem of an older version of SDL.dll library. Copy SDL.dll v1.2.15.0, which adds a proper ALT-Tab fix, and overwrite the original SDL.dll.



Editors not scaling

The HPL2 editors don't scale normally. Your only option is to change their resolution in their options (keep in mind not all of the tools have this feature). Restart the tool for changes to take effect.

Scripts not working

  • Check if your script has the same name as the map
  • Check if all names are correct; Keep in mind that using spaces doesn't work. Use the underscore _ instead.

All text (notes, inventory) dissappeared

You probably have a mistake (usually a missing < or > sign) in your .lang file. Check the last thing you wrote first.

Having trouble with finding the mistake? If you're using Notepad++, go to Syntax and set it to XML. Look for the part at which the highlighint breaks.

Lang file general advice

Don't forget to use the root LANGUAGE tag in the "extra_english.lang" file when trying to create your own custom story. The contents of this file (or "extra_XXX.lang" - where XXX is some alternative language) must look like this:

    <CATEGORY Name="CustomStoryMain">
        <Entry Name="Description">
            This is the description of my Custom Story! It is SCARY!

You can then have as many CATEGORY tags inside the LANGUAGE tag as necessary with the appropriate "Name" attributes.