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This page explains words and terms which have a unique meaning to the engine.


Static An in-game object which is used only for physics collissions. They can't be influenced by scripts nor be interacted with.
Entity An in-game object with configurable parameters and custom physics bodies.
Reference An item referencing a valid Entity file to be used within the game's engine. All entities in your 3D editor must begin with _ref_
Item A type of entity which can be collected and added to the player's inventory.
Area Invisible in-game cuboid which marks 3D space. Used for a variety of things based on the type.
Script Written code which determines what happens in a map. This includes events, puzzles, music, and more.
Stick Areas that act as glue towards entities in the game world. The entities will stay in place until interacted with again.
Link Start Locator for the player. This can also be a link between two Starting Positions in a single map.
Node Navigation points for character entities.
Portal Special type of handler for what room (or sector) is currently being rendered in-game. A way to optimize ones map better.

File extensions

*.hps Howard Phillip Script, this is where you make the magic happen with the help of AngelScript.
*.ent Entity, objects that can be interacted with, these files can only be created manually.
*.hud Heads-Up Display, defines items that the player can wield and holster, these files can only be created manually.
*.ps Particle System, displays cool little effects like fog and electrical sparking etc.
*.bnt Billboard Entity, gives your map a little more life with some lightrays and whatnot, these files can only be created manually.
*.snt Sound Entity, stores information on what audio file to play, how many audio files to play and whether or not they loop and so forth.
*.lang Language, contains in-game messages, item descriptions, etc.
*.beam Beam, defines things such as laser beams, these files can only be created manually.
*.cfg Configuration, used to define various settings.
*.mat Material, contains information on texture as well as the type used for it including transparency information.
*.lnt Light Entity, an XML file that displys an image file to be casted by a spotlight in the game world, these files can only be created manually.
*.gui Graphical User Interface, XML file that contains information on the various interfaces used throughout Black Plague, these files can only be created manually.