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A simple messageBox template.

All parameters except text are optional, as they will be defined by default.

List of Parameters

text = Write your text

small = Write small text

txtcolor = Color of all text

txtstyle = Style of all text

image = link_to_some_resource_or_page_at_this_wiki

link in format ''http://...'' or just name of page at this wiki (like "Template:MessageBox" without quotes)

bgcolor = color of background

borderstyle = style of special border, by default left border; can be defined but left blank for no special border

bdcolor = color of special border

bdcolor2 = color of overall box border

margin = margin style

padding = padding


|text = Text here
|small = Small text here
|txtcolor = Red
|txtstyle = italic
|image = [[File:Warning icon.png|link=Template:MessageBox]] (Leave blank for default icon)
|bgcolor = black
|bdcolor = green
|bdcolor2 = blue
|padding = 0em