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Elven VIDEO Tutorials

Hello young learner! That you are here means, you are looking help or you want to study some scripting. English may not be my native language, but I do know some things how to do them. We live in new age and texts are becoming less and less popular (in some sense). It's way better if player can see all of creation in action. That's also why most of my tutorials are made as videos.

Please remember that I have made all of this from free time. So if you want to appreciate my work, you can subscribe in my Youtube Channel! If there is any questions you have or you find my tutorials useful and want something what hasn't been done yet or you just want to thank me, then you can contact me here! (You need Frictional Games forum account!)

Before continuing to watch my tutorials, please get this piece of advice: "You do not study scripting by copy-pasting everything from the tutorial (except if you plan to use that specific only one time and never again). You need to test, test and test. You need bugs to fix those bugs. If you fix those bugs, you understand why those bugs came. If you understand those bugs you won't make them next time. And if you do not make them next time, you are one step closer for becoming expert in that! Even hardcore scripters do mistakes!"

Oh, and make sure you have your bible always opened, whenever or whereever you script!