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Creating Mirrors

We know Amnesia doesn't have/support mirrors, but since water planes can reflect things, we can simulate one.

Remember it's a simulation, it won't be perfect.
This is how it looks in my mod LINK
It's the best I could achieve. (feel free to test and try to improve it)

How to create the mirror:

1. Get the texture LINK
2. Create a plane with 0 1 0 Tile Amount using Amn_WaterMirror_001.mat'.
3. Create a second plane with Plane_Black.mat behind the previous mirror plane.
4. It's ready. Put it wherever you want having in mind the following precautions.


1. Avoid having mirrors looking at each other, they lag and glitch.
2. The mirror is sensitive to what it's reflecting, so avoid gaps between planes and any hard-to-reflect stuff.
3. Avoid having the player watching the mirror from strange/wide angles.
4. And last, consider moving the mirror to another angle/location if it refuses to work properly there.

Extra Info

- The black plane behind is to stop the transparency of the mirror.
- The tile amount 0 1 0 removes a weird thing water textures have.

That's all. If you feel like experimenting, try the mirror material on other models/objects for weird results.