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Certain rules must be adhered to with images uploaded to the wiki.

Acceptable Images Guidelines

  • Use descriptive titles for your images. The subject of "monster_grunt2.jpg" is much more obvious from the title than "12.jpg".
  • Uploaded images should be related to an article subject in some way. Examples include:
    • Screenshots of game content (models/effects/levels) to illustrate its appearance or describe its use.
    • Screenshots of development software/content/utilities (such as the HPL Level Editor) to illustrate appearance and use.
    • Diagrams or flowcharts detailing an aspect of development.
    • Other content intended to improve an article or augment a tutorial.
  • Photographs may be acceptable in limited situations. It is most likely okay to upload a single picture of yourself for your user profile. Photographs may be acceptable if used for reference in tutorials. If you upload a photograph, it must be your property.

Unacceptable Images

Examples of unacceptable images. This list is not comprehensive and common sense should be used.

  • Images with vulgar or offensive material (With the exception of in-game blood and gore effects).
  • Personal images or photographs unrelated to game development, such as photo of a pet.

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines

It is important to use copyrighted material with care to avoid potential legal situations. Many instances of image use within the scope of this wiki will qualify as fair use, but use your own creation instead of a copyrighted image whenever possible.

  • Screenshots of copyrighted material created by Frictional Games are acceptable. This includes in-game screenshots, images of game content such as models and effects, and screenshots of developer tools.
  • If the image uses copyrighted content which is not created by Frictional Games, you should be careful it will qualify as fair use when used on the wiki. Examples of fair use:
    • A screenshot of third-party development content used in a tutorial (such as creation of a texture in Adobe Photoshop)
    • Logos and promotional images/screenshots for games and mods which have pages on this wiki.
    • Fan-made maps for illustration of a game concept or puzzle.
    • Anything where the creator has given permission for the image to be used in tutorials or other resources or posted on this wiki.

Unacceptable Use of Copyrighted Material

Examples of unacceptable images. This list is not comprehensive and common sense should be used.

  • A diagram or flowchart of game development which was found on another website and/or is probably copyrighted.
  • Logos or screenshots of copyrighted material which are not used to illustrate article subjects or tutorials, such as the logo of your favorite clothing company.