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So you would like to contribute to the Frictional Games wiki? Awesome! Before you get started, have a look at the points below so we can promote quality content for the reader.

Public Domain

All contributions are submitted as part of the public domain. Therefore it is expected that you, the author, own the content you submit, or have the necessary rights to publish it. Copyrighted material may be allowed under fair use. The general rule of thumb is that if you are unsure, do not submit it.

Assume Good Faith

Because this is a wiki, anyone with an account can edit it. If someone writes something that is incorrect, assume they did so with their best intentions. The wiki content is a constant work in progress and anyone is free to contribute if they feel they can improve it. This implies that earlier content is changed or replaced, but also that the new content may again be changed in the future.


  • Before you save an edit, use the Show Preview button (if you're using the WikiText editor) to verify that the page looks the way you intend. This is preferred, as making multiple smaller changes in a row clutters the revision history for the page.
  • When you submit an edit, provide a short summary of your changes, as well as mark whether your edit is considered minor or not. Minor edits generally include grammatical corrections or reworded sentences. Edits made without a summary may be reverted as it might not be clear what the intended change was.
  • If you have your edit changed or removed without a clear reason, use the talk/discussion pages to come to an agreement of why and what to do about it. Don't fight with other users.
  • Common sense can override any policy. If you feel like a rule is restricting your ability to improve the wiki, you may use common sense to ignore the rule. Be prepared to defend this decision.


Using appropriate formatting makes text easier to read by emphasising important words, highlighting particular sections or to provide the most useful content quickly. MediaWiki provides a nice set of formatting options, so use them when you see fit. This includes simple things such as paragraphs and bold text, but also hyperlinks, code blocks, tables and images. Read more about how you can use formatting on the official MediaWiki website.

User Pages

Your user page is your own tiny, personal space. You can put whatever you want there as long as you use common sense. Be responsible, inoffensive, and avoid using it as a playground.

Talk Pages

Make sure to sign your messages using four tildes. This will add your signature and a timestamp. Example:

(No order without chaos. (talk) 15:35, 15 July 2020 (CEST)).

Major Changes

Some edits can have drastic effects on the wiki. If you feel changes should be made to something important (like changing the functions of a high-use template), find somewhere to discuss changes, as other editors may have objections. One good place to discuss can be the Official Discord server. If no one responds to your message about major changes, wait a while and bump your request again. If still no one responds to your message, consider your changes okay to do