SOMA Text Search Tool

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SOMA text search tool.

Text search tool for SOMA.


  • Quickly searches files within the SOMA directory for a given keyword or text entry.
  • Toggles between searching through script files, map files, entity files, or lang files - or any combination of the four.
  • Displays the search results in a comprehensive list, complete with line numbers and a context preview.
  • Allows for the common search tags of "Match Case" and "Match Whole Word".
  • Allows for the search to include files within the mods folder.


Application Upload Date SHA VirusTotal
TextSearchTool.exe 1 August, 2020 23d4405f362aae695173d85b6a2adae27bdc5be945396095612fbf3ca5e08739 Results


Put the application in the SOMA game folder.