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iGamepad has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
bool AxesUpdated
bool ButtonIsDown eGamepadButton aButton
bool ButtonIsPressed
bool ButtonIsReleased
float GetAxisDeadZoneRadiusValue
float GetAxisValue eGamepadAxis aAxis
cVector2l GetBallAbsPos eGamepadBall aBall
cGamepadInputData GetButton
cColor GetColorLED
tString GetGamepadName
eGamepadHatState GetHatCurrentState eGamepadHat aHat
cGamepadInputData GetHatState
cGamepadInputData GetInputUpdate
int GetNumAxes
int GetNumBalls
int GetNumButtons
int GetNumHats
cGamepadInputData GetReleasedButton
cGamepadInputData GetUpdatedAxis
bool HasInputUpdates
bool HatIsInState eGamepadHat aHat,
eGamepadHatState aState
bool HatsChanged
void SetAxisDeadZoneRadiusValue float afValue
void SetColorLED const cColor &in aColor
void SetRumble float afValue,
int alMillisec


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