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cLuxDialogHandler has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void AddBranch const tString &in asName,
const tString &in asNextBranch
void AddBranchEvent eLuxDialogBranchEvent aType,
float afVar,
const tString &in asVar,
const tString &in asNewBranch,
bool abOnlyCheckEndOfSubject
void AddBranchPause float afTime,
const tString &in asCallback
void AddBranchSubject const tString &in asSubject,
const tString &in asCallback
void AddResponseCondition eLuxDialogOptionCondition aCondition,
const tString &in asVarName,
int alValue
void AddResponseEvent eLuxDialogOptionEvent aEvent,
const tString &in asVarName,
int alValue
void AddResponseOption const tString& asEntry,
const tString &in asBranch,
int alId,
const tString &in asCallback
void Begin const tString& asName
bool CharacterIsActive const tString &in asName
void End const tString &in asStartBranch
tString GetCharacterScene const tString &in asCharacterName
void GetCharactersInSubject const tString &in asSubject
int GetVar const tString &in asName
void IncVar const tString &in asName,
int alX
void ReturnResponseSelectChoice int alSelectedOption
void SetCallbackFunc const tString &in asFunc
void SetResponseTimeLimit float afTime
void SetVar const tString &in asName,
int alX
void Stop const tString& asName
void StopAll


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