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Level Settings window

This window holds settings for the level, such as global fog and skybox.

Skybox settings

Window levelsettings skybox.png

  • Active: will enable or disable the skybox.
  • Color: if no texture is set, the skybox will use a flat color defined here.
  • Texture: loads a cubemap texture to be used as skybox.

Global Fog settings

Window levelsettings fog.png

  • Active: enables or disables the global fog.
  • Culling: sets if the fog should cull objects that are behind the 'End' distance.
  • Start: sets the distance to the camera where the color fading should start.
  • End: sets the distance to the camera where the color fading should be fully done.
  • Falloff Exp: sets the attenuation factor that will be used for the fading.
  • Color: color for the fog.


Window levelsettings decals.png

  • Global Max Triangles Per Decal: this here will set how many triangles decal meshes will have unless individually tweaked.
  • Reset Created Decals: this will reset all created decals to use the above value.

Directional light

Window levelsettings directionallight.png

  • Active: will toggle the directional light for the level.
  • Direction: 3D vector indicating where the light will point at.

Get from camera: copies the direction from the viewport camera.

  • Diffuse: the diffuse color for the light.
  • Sky color: objects will reflect shades of this color on their upper side.
  • Ground color: objects will reflect shades of this color on their lower side.
  • Brightness: brightness for the light.
  • Cast shadows: if the light should cast shadows.
  • Shadow map bias mul: tweak to move the shadow away from the light to remove shadow banding and artifacts.
  • Shadow map slope scale bias mul: tweak to move triangles even further away from the light if the angle to the light is steep.
  • Shadow caster distance: sets how far our light source will be when it comes to casting shadows. Increase to remove artifacts caused by shadows. A too high of a number will make shadows start to disappear.

Env Particles

The inputs in this tab control the parameters for the environment particles in the level.

File:Window levelsettings EnvParticles.png

  • Active: will toggle the environmental particles.
  • Color: the particles will be tinted with this color.
  • Brightness: how bright the above color will show.
  • Rest of parameters are explained in depth here.


File:Window levelsettings PostEffects.png


  • MiddleGrey: A real value that sets what should be considered the middle grey value.
  • Exposure: The total light that is allowed through the camera, increasing this value makes the image brighter. In the range of -10 to +10.
  • WhitePoint: A real value that sets which value that should be considered the brightest.


  • Color Grading texture: 3D dds texture file defining the color grading map.