HPL3/Amnesia: Rebirth/Glossary

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Find explanations of various HPL3 terms here.


  • Static Object - An in-game object which is used only for physics collisions. They can't be influenced by scripts.
  • Entity - An in-game object which allows interaction.
  • Prop - A type of entity which can be collected and added to the player's inventory.
  • Area - Invisible in-game cuboid which marks 3D space. Used as an input-output systems for the levels.


  • Mod - Additional game content created by community members and fans.
  • Custom Story - User-made content available from the game's main menu or from a designated launcher. They use all settings from the config files the game was started with, which limits what the creator can change (for example being forced to use the default lantern). This is the type of creation recommended for beginners.
  • Mod Dependency - A mod which is being used by other mods as a source for content.

Level Design


  • Script - Written code which determines what happens in a map. This includes events, puzzles, music, and more.
  • User Module - Script files which always run in the background and usually define the behavior or core mechanics in the game.
  • Handler - A synonym for a User Module.