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Parameter name Functionality
TextDuration_StartTime Text duration start time
TextDuration_MinTime Text duration minimal time
TextDuration_CharTime Text duration character time


Parameter name Functionality
MainFadeInTime Fade-in time
MainFadeOutTimeFast Fade-out time when fast
MainFadeOutTimeSlow Fade-out time when slow
TopMenuFadeInTime Main menu fade-in time
TopMenuFadeOutTime Main menu fade-out time
TopMenuFontRelativeSize Main menu font size
TopMenuStartRelativePos Main menu relative position
TopMenuStartRelativePosInGame Main menu relative position in game
TopMenuFont Main menu font
TopMenuFontColor Text color for menu items
TopMenuFontHighlightColor Hover text color for menu items
MainMenuLogoStartRelativePos Main menu logo start relative position
MainMenuLogoRelativeSize Main menu logo relative size
BGScene Menu background map file
BGCamera_FOV Background camera start face-of-view
BGCamera_ZoomedFOV Background camera zoomed face-of-view
ZoomSound Sound played when the game is loaded
Music Music that will be played in main menu


Parameter name Functionality
ShowCommentary Commentary-mod setting


Parameter name Functionality
NormalFont Main text font name
HeaderFont Header font name
NormalFontSize Main text font size
HeaderFontSize Header font size
TheEndFontSize "The End" text font size
ScrollSpeed Speed of scroll
FadeSpeed Speed of fade


Parameter name Functionality
WindowSize Profiles window size
InformationWidth Information width
ListFontSize List font size
EnterNameWindowSize Enter name window size
EnterNameButtonLength Enter name button length


Parameter name Functionality
FadeInTime Inv fade-in time
FadeOutTime Inv fade-out time
DefaultFont Inv default font
HeaderFont Inv Header font
PopUpMessageCenter Inv pop-up messages center
SlotImage Inv slot image
SlotColor Inv slot color
SlotSize Inv slot size
SlotMouseOverImage Inv slot mouse over image
SlotMouseOverColor Inv slot mouse over color
SlotMouseOverOffset Inv slot mouse over offset
SlotPulsatingMin Inv slot pulsating minimal
SlotPulsatingAmp Inv slot pulsating amplitude
SlotPulsatingFreq Inv pulsating frequency
SlotsRows Inv slots rows
SlotsColumns Inv slots columns
SlotsStart Inv slots start
SlotsSeparation Inv slots separation
SlotsGridColor Inv slots grid color
SlotsDrawGrid Inv slots draw grid
SlotsDrawFrame Inv slots draw frame
SlotsFrameSize Inv slots frame size
SlotsFrameHPadding Inv slots frame horizontal-padding
SlotsFrameVPadding Inv slots frame vertical-padding
SlotsFrameOffset Inv slots frame offset
SlotsGridHExtension Inv slots grid horizontal-extension
SlotsGridVExtension Inv slots grid vertical-extension
SlotsGridOffset Inv slots grid offset
HealthCenter Inv health center
HealthLabelCenter Inv health label center
HealthFrameSize Inv health grame size
HealthFrameHPadding Inv health frame horizontal-padding
HealthFrameVPadding Inv health frame vertical-padding
HealthFrameOffset Inv health frame offset
SanityCenter Inv sanity center
SanityLabelCenter Inv sanity label center
SanityFrameSize Inv sanity frame size
SanityFrameHPadding Inv sanity frame horizontal-padding
SanityFrameVPadding Inv frame vertical-padding
SanityFrameOffset Inv sanity frame offset
TinderboxesCenter Inv tinderboxes center
TinderboxesLabelCenter Inv tinderboxes label center
TinderboxesFrameSize Inv tinderboxes frame size
TinderboxesFrameHPadding Inv tinderboxes frame horizontal-padding
TinderboxesFrameVPadding Inv tinderboxes frame vertical-padding
TinderboxesFrameOffset Inv tinderboxes frame offset
OilCenter Inv oil center
OilLabelCenter Inv oil label center
OilFrameSize Inv oil frame size
OilFrameHPadding Inv oil frame horizontal-padding
OilFrameVPadding Inv oil frame vertical-padding
OilFrameOffset Inv oil frame offset
JournalCenter Inv journal center
JournalLabelCenter Inv journal label center
JournalFrameSize Inv journal frame size
JournalFrameHPadding Inv journal frame horizontal-padding
JournalFrameVPadding Inv journal frame vertical-padding
JournalFrameOffset Inv journal frame offset
ItemHeaderCenter Inv item-header center
ItemDescCenter Inv item-description center
ItemTextFrameSize Inv item-text frame size
ItemTextFrameHPadding Inv item-text frame horizontal-padding
ItemTextFrameVPadding Inv item-text frame vertical-padding
ItemTextFrameOffset Inv item-text frame offset
ItemDescTextWidth Inv item-desc text width
ItemCountOffset Inv item-count offset
FontSize_ItemCount Inv font-size of item-count
FontSize_Label Inv font-size of label
FontSize_Header Inv font-size of header
FontSize_Description Inv font-size of description
FontSize_Message Inv font-size of message


Parameter name Functionality
DefaultFont Default font of completion counter


Parameter name Functionality
QuestAddedIcon Icon that will be shown when new quest will be added
QuestAddedSound Sound of quest-addition
GameMessageFontSize Message font size


Parameter name Functionality
DefaultFont Default hints font
YPos The Y-position of hints
FontSize Hints font size
TextDurationMul Hints text duration


Parameter name Functionality
DefaultFont Default journal font
MenuFont Journal menu font
NoteTextWidth Note text width
NoteMaxPageRows Note max page rows
NoteFontSize Note font size
NoteRowDist Note row distantion
NoteHeaderFontSize Note header font size
NoteTextStartY Note text start y-position


Parameter name Functionality
DefaultFont Default font in loading screen
LoadingFontSize Loading text size
TextFontSize Loading text size
LoadingY Loading text y-position
TextWithImageY Text with image y-position
TextAloneY Loading text y-position(without image)
ImageY Image y-position
TextMaxWidth Max text width
FadeOutTime Screen fade-out time
TextDurationMul Text duration