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General Parameters:

  • Name: Name of the primitive.
  • Position: 3D Vector storing the position in world of the primitive pivot.
  • Rotation: 3D Vector storing the rotation.
  • Scale: 3D Vector storing the scale of the primitive.

Primitive Specific:

  • Material: Material file for the primitive.
  • Collides: If enabled, the primitive will keep entities (player included) from getting through it.
  • Cast Shadows: If enabled, the primitive will cast shadows when illuminated by a properly set up light.

Plane Specific:

  • Tile amount: amount of repetition of the texture along the axes. The less, the bigger the texture pattern will look.
  • Tile offset: offset on the texture coordinates.
  • Texture angle: rotation of the texture applied on the plane.
  • Align To World Coords: if enabled, texture coordinates will be set according to world coordinates. Useful to get seamless floors/ceilings made out of several planes.