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New Area Types

MFP features two new area types which weren't present in TDD.

Color grading area

This is an area which applies color correction when entered. It will show up as yellow in the Level Editor.

The area has 2 variables:

  • LookUpTable - determines the color grading texture. Ready ones are located in /textures/gradingmaps.
  • FadeTime - how fast the color changes (or goes back to normal) when the area is entered or left.

For information about creating custom grading textures, take a look at this guide.

Infection area

This is a remnant of the unused infection system. It fills up the infection meter when the player is inside the area. The area will show up as lime green in the Level Editor.

This area has 4 variables:

  • IncrementSpeed - How fast the meter fills up. Seems to be in units per second.
  • InfectionLevelLowerBound - Functionality unknown.
  • InfectionLevelUpperBound - Binds the maximum infection level; the player won't be able to get a higher infection level while standing in the area. Values 1-4. 4 and above lets the player die from infection. Infection drain is disabled when the bound has been hit and the player is still in the area.
  • DisableOnLevelBoundHit - Disables the area if the upper bound is hit.

For more information about the infection mechanic, see the Infection article.