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Note icon.png The HPL1 engine did not have a dedicated editor for creating custom maps, you have to create them with a 3D editor like Maya or 3D Studio MAX.

Hud Object Editor Should the player weld a glowstick? Or perhaps a lantern? Why not a pickaxe or a crowbar to defend yourself?
Sounds What's that sound? Oh, it's just the vending machine.
Particle Editor Create Particle Systems to give your levels some life.
Materials Defines how a texture should look and sound.
Translation Helper tool to build, edit, and translate language files.
Scene Viewer See how your level will look in-game without having to constantly run the game. A useful tool for checking portal optimization.
Model Viewer Play around with your custom entities and get basic in-game interaction with them.
Particle Viewer Lets you view your Particle Systems.