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Audacity is a free and open-source audio editor. It is great for simple audio edits and applying effects.

Flashback Voice Effect

Audacity can be used to create the flashback voice effect from the original Amnesia game. This effect can be achieved with the following steps:

  1. Effect > Reverse (This reverses the audio back in time).
  2. Use a reverb effect of your choice. Make sure to not make it too strong, as it might overwhelm the actual speech.
  3. Effect > Reverse.

Reverb settings

Alert icon.png Warning: Audacity does not come with the GVerb effect anymore. You may download the GVerb plugin if you want to use the exact settings below. If you have a good setting to use with the in-built Reverb tool, feel free to contribute.
  • Effect > GVerb:
    • Roomsize: 10
    • Reverb time: 0.75
    • Damping: 0
    • Input bandwidth: 1
    • Dry signal level: 0
    • Early reflection level: -15
    • Tail level: -17.5

Convert to OGG format

OGG format is the recommended format for audio files for HPL, and Audacity comes with support for exporting in OGG.

If you need to convert an MP3 (or any other audio), simply import (or open) an audio file into Audacity, then click on File > Export and choose OGG Vorbis for the file type.