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Welcome to the official Frictional Games Wiki. This wiki is a combined effort of the studio and the community, and is a constant work in progress.
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HPL Engine

The wiki provides documentation for the HPL Engine, Frictional Games' in-house game engine. The engine currently has three major versions available, and a fourth version under development. Technical information about using the engine and all of the related tools can be found in this wiki.

  • HPL1 was used to create the Penumbra series. This version is open-source and licensed under GPL, and can be used to create non-commercial projects, but documentation is rather limited.
  • HPL2 was used to create Amnesia – The Dark Descent. A modified version of HPL2 was used to create Amnesia – A Machine For Pigs, often referred to as HPL2.5.
  • HPL3 was used to create SOMA. A modified version of HPL3 is used to create Amnesia: Rebirth, often referred to as HPL3.5.

HPL Engine Documentation


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