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I'm one of the administrators of this wiki. You can reach me out in my talk page or in the official Frictional Games discord server.

About me

I joined the Frictional Games community in 2015, a few months before SOMA released, and I've been sticking around ever since.
I'm mostly active in the modding scenery, and now i'm working on this wiki too!

Amnesia: The Dark Descent



Obturaculum is a feature-length parody of cliche amnesia mods. I wrote most of the story, created around half of the levels and voice-acted the main player character.


T.D. is a short parody of P.T. made in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I scripted several events and helped with making the level.


SOMA Lab Assets Pack

A small assets package that includes the lab assets from SOMA.



When Day Breaks

When Day Breaks takes places in the SCP Foundation Universe, based on S. D. Locke's Proposal of SCP-001. I designed and scripted the levels and made some custom assets.

Life Freezes Over

Life Freezes Over is a winning entry in the Frictional Games Winter Modding Jam of 2019. I was the level designer and programmer of the mod.


Hollow is a winning entry in the Frictional Games Fan Jam of 2019. I wrote the story, designed and scripted the level and made some custom assets.

2013 Teaser Map

I restored the original map from the 2013 SOMA Teaser, thanks to


  • SOMA Mod Manager - A utility application for creating and managing mods for SOMA with ease.


Editing this wiki takes a lot of time. Most of the articles were re-written or formatted from the old Frictional Wiki by me and some friends. If you feel generous, please consider a small donation at Buy Me a Coffee.