Setting up an Online Repository

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This article describes the process of setting up an online Git repository, and discusses the workflow.

Why do I Need a Repository?

The biggest benefit is to combine changes made by all members of the mod team into a single "current" copy. If you're working on a mod by yourself, you probably don't need an online repository. However, an offline one will still give you many other benefits, which online repositories also provide. If you break something, you can easily compare to the previous version (or rollback to it), and easily keep track of exactly what things you've changed since the previous version. Also, if valve update the source code, a repository can make the task of merging the two versions of the code considerably easier.

Getting Started

In this guide, the following applications and services are used:

  • Git
  • GitLab
  • GitKraken

First, it is necessary to install Git on our local machine and later set up the local and online repository.

  1. Download and install Git.
  2. First-time Git Setup - "Your Identity" is the important part of the article. This step is still optional, but will resolve headaches later.
  3. Register a free account at GitLab
  4. Before you can properly use the online git functions, you will need to generate an SSH key and add it to your gitlab account. Here's a guide.