Pre-Publication Evaluation

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The following items are numbered to help you keep track of where you are in this process, not as an order for a specific procedure.


  1. Confirm that any debug features for the mod are disabled or removed (For example, a script that skips a specific part in your mod).
  2. Confirm that the map cache files are up-to-date.
  3. Delete excess files.
  4. Confirm that the files required for each map are in their places.
  5. Confirm that implementation for all functionalities desired to be in this release is completed.
  6. Do not distribute main game folders and files along with your mod.
  7. If you have custom models, sounds, textures, or materials, you either include them in your mod, or create a separate mod dependency and include it in your main mod (Only for HPL3).

Excess files

Makes sure to remove the following files and directories if they exist inside your mod folder, as they are not needed for the end user in order to play the mod.

  1. .gitignore file
  2. .txt files
  3. .blender files
  4. /.git directory
  5. /editor directory