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HPL3 - Legacy Editors


This section of the wiki will be dedicated to hosting older versions of editors compatible with the HPL3 engine. These editors are here for archiving and compatibility purposes. It is unlikely you will require any of these, however, they will be made available here should an issue occur.

If there is an issue with any of your editors, it is highly recommended to repair your installation. Steam users may do so by verifying their game cache. See Problem K in the Troubleshooting Guide on the forums for further instructions to do this. GOG users may do so by performing a repair on their installation. These procedures will verify your current editors are up-to-date and working, as well as repair any corrupted files within the SOMA subdirectory.

For any contributions, while you are permitted to upload your copy of the editor, please include both a SHA and a VirusTotal results link in your post. Both of these are generated by uploading a file to VirusTotal.

To do: Fix this link

Editor Upload Date SHA VirusTotal
[https://puu.sh/yO8KN/c4308fd901.zip Level Editor.zip]] 27 December 2017 10f761ff5bd69e43b57130f919e3b82bc1881a28b702b39404c9d332d551e905 [Link