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== Welcome! ==
== Welcome! ==

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Alert icon.png Warning: Registrations are currently closed. Contact staff via Discord to get a wiki account.


Welcome to the Frictional Games Wiki! If you're new, you might want to check out some of these pages:

  • Etiquette - How to act and what to keep in mind while writing.
  • Editing - How to edit pages, including wiki markup, templates, and style guidelines.
  • Deletion - Information on what types of articles are eligible, and how to mark the articles for deletion.
  • About - A brief explanation of this wiki and its goals.
  • Discord - Join and discuss things related to the wiki in the official server of Frictional Games.
  • Image Use Policy - This page explains which images are and are not acceptable. Images which do not conform to policy will be deleted!

MediaWiki resources

This wiki uses MediaWiki, an open source wiki engine licensed under the GNU GPL. The largest array of resources for learning how to use MediaWiki can be found at their website.