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cSoundEntry has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void FadeIn float afVolumeMul,
float afSpeed
void FadeOut float afSpeed
void FadeSpeedMulTo float afDestMul,
float afSpeed
void FadeVolumeMulTo float afDestMul,
float afSpeed
float GetAudibility
eSoundEntryDataType GetDataType
float GetElapsedTime
int GetId
float GetMaxDistance
float GetMinDistance
const tString& GetName
float GetParamMax int alIdx
float GetParamMin int alIdx
const tString& GetParamName int alIdx
int GetParamNum
float GetParamValue int alIdx
bool GetPaused
const cVector3f& GetPosition
bool GetPostionIsHeadRelative
bool GetReverbActive
float GetReverbAmount
float GetSpeakerSpread
float GetSpeed
float GetSpeedMul
bool GetStopDisabled
float GetTotalTime
eSoundEntryType GetType
float GetVolume
float GetVolumeMul
bool Is3D
bool IsFirstTime
bool IsOneShot
bool IsPlaying
bool IsPriorityReleased
bool IsVirtual
void SetBlockable bool abX
void SetBlockVolumeMul float afX
void SetElapsedTime float afTime
void SetParam const tString& asName,
float afValue
void SetParam int alIdx,
float afValue
void SetPaused bool abX
void SetPosition const cVector3f &in avPosition
void SetPostionIsHeadRelative bool abX
void SetReverbActive bool abX
void SetReverbAmount float afX
void SetSpeakerSpread float afX
void SetSpeed float afX
void SetSpeedMul float afMul
void SetStopDisabled bool abX
void SetVelocity const cVector3f &in avVelocity
void SetVolume float afX
void SetVolumeMul float afMul
void Stop bool abPlayEnd


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