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cLuxSoundListener has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
iLuxEntity@ GetEntity
float GetHearRadius
float GetIgnoreSoundRadius
float GetMaxPlayerPhysicsInteractTime
int GetMinHearPrio
float GetSoundMaxRadius
float GetSoundMinRadius
float GetSoundRadiusMul
eLuxEntityComponentType GetType
bool IsActive
bool IsListening
void LoadFromInstanceVariables cResourceVarsObject@ apInstanceVars
void SetActive bool bX
void SetHearRadius float afX
void SetIgnoreSoundRadius float afX
void SetMaxPlayerPhysicsInteractTime float afX
void SetMinHearPrio int alX
void SetSoundMaxRadius float afX
void SetSoundMinRadius float afX
void SetSoundRadiusMul float afX


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