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cEnvironmentParticles has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void AddClipArea iEntity3D@ apClipEntity,
bool abSubtractive
float GetBrightness
bool GetClipActive
cColor GetColor
cVector3f GetGravityVelocity
float GetIterationNum
int GetIterationNumInt
const tString& GetName
cVector3f GetRotateVelocity
cVector3f GetWindVelocity
void RemoveClipArea iEntity3D@ apClipEntity
void SetBoxDistance float afDistance
void SetBrightness float afX
void SetClipActive bool abX
void SetColor const cColor& aCol
void SetFadeInEnd float afX
void SetFadeInStart float afX
void SetFadeOutEnd float afX
void SetFadeOutStart float afX
void SetGravitySpeedRandomAmount float afX
void SetGravityVelocity const cVector3f& avVel
void SetIterationNum float afNum
void SetRotateSpeedRandomAmount float afX
void SetRotateSpeedRandomBothDirs bool abX
void SetRotateVelocity const cVector3f& avVel
void SetSpotLight cLightSpot@ apSpotLight,
float afMul
bool SetVisible bool abX
void SetWindDirectionRandomAmount float afX
void SetWindSpeedRandomAmount float afX
void SetWindVelocity const cVector3f& avVel


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