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Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are enabled during game debug mode:

Shortcut Key Action
F1 Brings up the developer debug menu. This needs to be done in order to have full access to the developer features when running a game in debug mode.
F2 Pauses / Resumes the game world processes, basically makes the game freeze. Note that you can still noclip in this state.
F3 This makes the game run 4 times faster. It is good if you want to skip specific sections in the map.
F4 This makes the game run 4 times slower. It is goof if you want to want to focus on something that happens very fast in the map.
F5 Reloads the current map.
F7 Enables / Disables spectator camera mode (noclip).
F8 Takes a screenshot of the game and saves it inside the main game folder.
F9 Quick-saves the game.
F10 Quick-loads the last save.
Insert Starts / Stops quick input recording and saves to the file QuickRecord.sav.
Home Starts playing back the last quick input recorded file.