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When launching a game or a mod via a Command Prompt (CMD .bat file), you can pass optional arguments which will affect the way the mod is loaded by the game. It can be useful for mods which require custom assets and scripts, or if you want to customize it further than that.

Command Line Arguments

Note icon.png You can add multiple arguments and combine them when launching the game. It doesn't have to be only one argument.
Argument Description Default Value Example
user Starts the game with a different user name.

This is useful for starting a game / mod with a different set of save files, as they are saved per-user.

Default Soma.exe -user Default_dev
cfg Changes the main config file that is used when starting the mod.

This is useful if the relative path of the config file inside your mod folder is different and you want to point to your file.

config/main_init.cfg Soma.exe -cfg config/main_init_dev.cfg
mod Points to a mod entry file and launches the mod instead of the main game. Use this if you want to run your mod in dev mode.

This argument requires a full path of the game / mod directory.

No default value. Soma.exe -mod "C:\SOMA\mods\myMod\entry.hpc"
map The game loads a specific map after startup.

This is useful if you want to load a specific map quickly or if you want to skip the "load map" option in the debug menu.

Stated at StartMap->File in main_init.cfg. Soma.exe -map "mods/myMod/maps/myMap.hpm"
mapfolder Starts the game with a specific map folder. Stated at StartMap->Folder in main_init.cfg. Soma.exe -mapfolder "mods/myMod/maps"
mappos Sets a specific start position to be used in a map.

This is useful if you want to test your map from a specific position or if you want to skip the "jump to start pos" option in the debug menu.

Stated at StartMap->Pos in main_init.cfg. Soma.exe -map "PathToMap/myMap.hpm" -mappos "MyPos"
workdir Which directory the game exe is located. Can be used to change between engine and main redist.

This command line argument is useful for the engine developers only!

No default value. No default value.