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This tutorial will detail how to make a custom Dark World tablet. They are the dark-grey tablets that have hieroglyphic text on them which gets translated after a moment. The tutorial assumes you can set up your mod and have basic skills in scripting etc.

To get a custom readable tablet in Rebirth:

  1. Set up a new category for your map in readables.cfg
  2. Set the note ID and FrontEntry to whatever you want the note to be called
  3. Place a category of the same name in english.lang, and then set up an entry with the same name as the ID previously set in readables.cfg
  4. Place the dw_tablet_readable.ent entity somewhere in a level
  5. Name your tablet in game as Readable_<ID HERE>
  6. Set the GUI func to OnGuiDWNote and set text side as wanted
  7. Place this script somewhere in your map script:
void OnGuiDWNote(const tString&in asEntityName, float afTimeStep)
    DWNote_RenderGUI(asEntityName, afTimeStep);

If you want to make a tablet unreadable, you just make the entity name something that isnt in readables.cfg. Frictional named all their unreadable tablets like this: Readable_DWNote_MiscXX