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Third Party Tools

Information on some of the third-party tools that can be used to create models, graphics and art for the game and what specific things you will need to setup to make it all work.


All 3D models regardless of program used must be able to export to the Collada format.

Note: The 1.3 patch for Amnesia allows support for FBX formats.

3D Programs

  1. Blender - Open-source 3D modeling program that comes with built-in support for Collada.
  2. Autodesk Maya - Professional 3D modeling program with OpenCOLLADA plugin support.

2D programs

  1. GIMP - Open-source 2D GNU Image Manipulation Program.
  2. Adobe Photoshop - Professional image editing software.
  3. Paint.net

Audio programs

  1. Audacity

Text/Script coding programs

  1. Notepad++: Advanced text editor, crucial for script writing.
  2. Geany: An alternative for Notepad++.

'Mac OS X alternatives':

  1. TextWrangler: A good alternative to Notepad++ on Windows.
  2. TextMate: A nice and smooth code editor with many customization options.